How to Maintain The Life of a Clipper

As far as looking after your clipper is concerned, its really straight forward. The main thing is to look after your blades well. The friction that comes from blades that are not clean and lubricated cause extra wear on the drive components of your clipper. Refer to our How To Look After Your Blades page.

Head/Drive Mechanisms.

Believe it or not, our technician has noticed that some people see it fit to open up the clipper head and ‘clean’ the drive mechanisms. (Strip out the grease) This is the quickest way to wear your clipper parts! Clipper mechanisms need maintaining by oiling and greasing the right parts. This would be done (amongst other things) with our regular Clipper Service/Repair.

Prolonging the Life of Your Cable

The main problem that occurs with clippers is the wires inside the cable breaking at the grommet. You can avoid this by not wrapping the cable around the clipper. This puts excess stress on the cable at the grommet. If your clipper does start switching on and off as you move the cable by the grommet, send it to us for Clipper Sevicing.


You should periodically remove filters and get rid of excess furr. A blocked air intake will cause clipper to heat more than usual and in extreme cases cause electric shock. Filters should never be blocked.

Clipper Servicing & Repair

Clippers need servicing periodically. It is difficult to say how often because different people use their clippers differently. As a guideline, yearly for a private individual or 6 monthly if the clipper is used for trade. Clippers should be sent in for servicing or repair as soon as they develop a fault before a small problem turns into a bigger problem. If clippers are damaged they should be sent in, at a minimum to ensure their safety or to repair as necessary.