Frequently Asked Questions

The Shear Ease team has over 80 years combined relevant experience and we would be more than happy to advise on anything related to the industry. We have the diversity to answer almost any question imaginable related to grooming and related repair. Please feel free to contact by calling 01407 832 800 or contact us online here. We look forward to hearing from you.

How should I package my blades for sharpening?

Please view our Packing Guide here

How do I use Freepost to send my blade(s) to you?

Simply download the FREEPOST label here, fill in your details and attach to your envelope. Please note –  use our freepost service for clipper blade and scissor sharpening only.

Can I use Freepost for Clipper Servicing?

Unfortunately no. Please use a standard postal service for all Clipper Servicing. You can download a separate Clipper Servicing Label here

How should I look after my clipper blade?

It is essential that clipper blades should be looked after properly, as not only does it affect the life of your blades, but more costly, the life of your clipper. Proper care will help keep your clipper blades sharper for longer and will dramatically reduce wear and tear on your clipper. View our Blade Care Guide here

How can I prolong the life of my clipper?

As far as looking after your clipper is concerned, its really straight forward. The main thing is to look after your blades well. The friction that comes from blades that are not clean and lubricated cause extra wear on the drive components of your clipper. View our Clipper Care Guide here

What clipper blade size do I need?

Please view our Blade Sizing Chart here

How should a clipper blade be sharpened?

You can search for hours on end on the internet to find out exactly how a blade should be sharpened. Company A will say all blades should be ground flat, company B will say all blades should be hollow ground, company C will say all blades should be flat lapped and company D will say all blades should be hollow lapped. Our Sharpening Guide will help you decide which method is most suitable for you. View our Sharpening Guide here

Can you cater for bulk orders?

Absolutely! Shear Ease welcome bulk orders and can offer further discounts accordingly.
Please call us on 01407 832 800 or drop us a line via our contact form

Do your blade sharpening prices include VAT?

All our prices include inward postage, return postage and VAT – there are no hidden extras.