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Getting your Blades Sharpened – How it Works

Getting your clipper blade sharpened couldn’t be easier. Simply follow our 4 step guide and your newly sharpened clipper blade (s) will be back with you in just 48 hours! Of course, if you have any other questions please feel free to call us on 01407 832 800 or simply fill in the contact form here

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store1. PURCHASE

Whether paying by cheque, card or cash, visit our online store and order from our services or products.

Whether paying by cheque, card or cash, visit our online store here and order from our services or products. Ordering via the store enables us to log your order details more efficiently. It also provides both parties with a unique order number so we can keep a track of your order, process it as quickly as possible and notify you when your blades have been sharpened and despatched.
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Package up your blade(s) securely in a suitable envelope so no damage can be done during transit.

The idea is to keep your blades as flat as possible. Doing so helps us keep our costs low and it dramatically reduces the risk of breakages while they’re in the postal system.

1. Secure blades onto a piece of stiff cardboard, an old cereal box is ideal.

2. Make sure the cardboard fits snug into a padded envelope.

More info here

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Print out 3.PRINT

Print out your order confirmation email that you’ve received and enclose it in the envelope with your blade(s)

Print out your order confirmation email – this is the email we would have sent you after placing your order at our online store. Put it into the envelope with your blade(s) so we have your address and order details. Don’t forget, if you’re paying by cheque please enclose one also. To use our FREEPOST service simply print out the FREEPOST label, fill it in and affix if to the envelope.
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Post Box4.POST

Affix the Freepost label to the envelope and post. 48 hours later receive your newly sharpened clipper blade(s)!