Clipper Blade Sharpening1. Purchase

If paying by cheque, go to step 2. If paying by card visit our online shop and order from our services or products.

Clipper Servicing 2.Print

If sending in blades or scissors for sharpening print this. If sending in a clipper print this. Take note of the order number you generated in step 1. No order number needed if paying by cheque.

Scissor Sharpening3.Package

Package up your blades or scissors and securely fasten to a piece of cardboard and place in a suitable envelope. Clipper should be packed in a box so no damage can be done during transit.

Shear Ease Clipper Blade Sharpening Specialists4.Post

Post your envelope by putting it in the red box, handing it your postal worker or over the counter at a Post Office.