Horse, Cattle & Wide Clipper Blade Sharpening


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When placing an order for both blade sharpening and clipper servicing, please note that while combining items in a single order or sending them separately are both acceptable, separate orders are required for items being sent seperately. This facilitates prompt and accurate fulfilment of your order(s).

Quantity discounts available:


1. Whether paying by cheque, card or cash, start your order above. Ordering there enables us to log your order details more efficiently. It also provides both parties with a unique order number so we can keep a track of your order, process it as quickly as possible and notify you when your blades have been sharpened and dispatched.

2. Prices include postage in both directions. You can print and use our freepost address label for free inward postage.

3. Follow the instructions on the postage label. Enclose the correct slips inside your package along with your blades, scissors or clipper. The order number is the number generated once payment has been made, straight away on our website and also in an email confirmation. If paying by cheque, please enclose the cheque. Please write your name, the first line of your address and postcode on the back of the cheque.


a. Please do not send clipper blades for sharpening in tins or boxes unless supplied by Shear Ease.
Doing so has a drastic effect on the cost of postage to and from Shear Ease. The boxes supplied by Shear Ease are specially designed to keep postage costs to a minimum. Alternatively, packaging blades as flat as possible also helps us keep our costs low and it dramatically reduces the risk of breakages while they’re in the postal system.
As standard Shear Ease will not return your own boxes or tins. They can be returned for a charge of £4.
b. Secure blades onto a piece of stiff cardboard, an old cereal box is ideal.
c. Make sure the cardboard fits snug into a padded envelope.
d. Secure the address section to the front of your envelope.

Our Freepost label ensures you will not need to pay any postage.
It is meant for sending us clipper blades or scissors, please do not use it for clipper.

It does not include insurance or tracking. If you need either of these they can be arranged at your local post office.

Assuming your blades arrive here between Monday and Friday they will be sharpened and sent back the same day they arrive. If your blades arrive on Saturday they will be sharpened and sent back on Monday. Notable exclusions are public holidays and Christmas time. Our website will be updated around Christmas so please check then for holiday times.