Maximising the benefit of clipper blade sharpening.

Shear EaseAdvice

A word of advice on prolonged blade and clipper life:

Few animals are ever “clean” in the purest sense – no matter how well groomed – clipping animals before washing means you should expect more frequent blade sharpening!

Cleaning the blades is just as important. Especially clean in between the teeth of each of the blades for fur and general debris as both can severely affect the cutting edge. After cleaning, oil the entire metal surface and keep in a dry atmosphere

Frequent oiling contributes to longer blade performance. Due to the tremendous speed (up to 4000 stokes per minute on some machines) blades can get hot – therefore you should oil your the blades regularly to help cool them, and if nessesary change to a cool set of blades, to allow the other set to cool down. If you don’t, a chain of incidents can fairly quickly happen – blades overheat – blade go blunt – blades refuse to cut – clipper head overheats – machine malfunctions – animal complains about getting burnt! – operator gets stressed!

Clipper oil is preferable to aerosal sprays, but be warned cordless clippers and all Andis clippers hate oil on the machine, with these types, oil the blades seperately.