Lister A2 AC Medium Blade Set


Lister blades are designed and manufactured in the factory at Dursley in the UK. They have several unique features:

  • Material- The steel used is of the highest quality to ensure that the blades keep their edge when working in the most arduous conditions. The heat treatment, both hardening and tempering is done under computer control in an atmospheric controlled furnace to ensure that the maximum qualities are gained from the steel.
  • Self Clearing Blades- This patented feature allows hair to be swept away from the cutting teeth enabling the blades to clip at all times.
  • Precision ground ribbing on the back of the blades not only reduces weight but adds stiffness from front to heel and flexibility from side to side. This combination of stiffness and flexibility produces an optimum cutting action and reduces blade drag as well as making re-sharpening of the blades easier.

2.5mm A2/AC Medium suitable for general clipping. Yet for times when a little more hair is required