Clipper Blade Sharpening and Clipper Repair/Service Times

Shear EaseNews

A note on current turnaround time here at Shear Ease…

Blades are reconditioned and sent back 1st class the same day they arrive here. If they arrive on saturday or on a public holiday they are dealt with the next working day.

It is our endeavor to diagnose clippers the same day or the day after they arrive, the work is carried out the same day we get the go ahead from the customer, servicing and final testing can mean they stay another day and they are then picked up a day later by parcel force 24hour. It is possible for the odd issue to cause delays with clippers but the above is our intentions. If all goes to plan you should receive your clipper back within 5-7 working days.

The exception to the above is at Christmas, when blades and clippers are not dealt with until our staff return after the holidaysand there is usually a day or two delay while we catch up.

We service and stock most parts and blades for Lister, Wolseley, Hauptner, Heineger, Liveryman, Aesculap, Wahl and Oster clippers. Alot of other parts can also be obtained but will probably delayturnaround. The only exceptions are flee-bay specials. We can also sharpen nearly all dog and horse clipping/trimming blades.

Orders made before 3 in the afternoon almost certainly are dispatched the same day, 1st class.