Aesculap FAV5 Brushes Set



Part: Aesculap FAV5 brushes set

This part is a brushes set for an Aesculap FAV5 clipper. The part and others are usually stocked by Shear Ease. This part is the same part used by Aesculap when they first build the clipper. It is easy to change an Aesculap FAV5 brushes set. Please phone Shear Ease if you need help fitting the brushes set. Shear Ease may also have a good, used brushes set in stock. Used brushes sets for the Aesculap FAV5 come and go quickly so you would need to phone Shear Ease to check stock and price. Changing this and other parts can ensure smooth operation of your clipper. You must make sure that all parts are fitted and lubricated as necessary for them to work effectively. Please do not try and fix the clipper if you are not certain you are capable – there is a risk of serious injury if something goes wrong! Never take a clipper apart that is still plugged in and always take the right safety precautions. Shear Ease will change the worm wheel if it was faulty at point of supply but please note that Shear Ease will check it before dispatch and the onus will be on the consumer to prove that the brushes set was faulty at point of supply. Shear Ease can not automatically guarantee parts not fitted by ourselves. Please ensure correct diagnosis when ordering parts, we can’t be help responsible for mis-diagnosis. If you prefer a safer option you can also send your clipper to Shear Ease. Shear Ease service and repair the Aesculap FAV5 clipper. Paying Shear Ease to do so makes sure that diagnosis is correct. Shear Ease offer a 3 month labour guarantee, and 12 months guarantee on parts which are not subject to wear and tear.